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A British-American singer-songwriter and musician hailing from New York.

Colour Vision

A tropical DJ and producer hailing from sunny San Diego.

Could Ever

Ian Watt, better known as Could Ever makes what he calls "wavy internet anthems for vibey kids." Could Ever is an innovative musician and creative whose music is evolving from a straightforward anthemic chillwave, carrying the hazy texture into a new sound.

Curt Reynolds

A big house-y dance track featuring dreamy ethereal vocals by Brave


Mike Perry, better known as Deffie, is a 23-year-old producer who found his beginnings in Orange County, California


The duo writes undeniably catchy electronic tinged pop.The guys are based in Brooklyn, NY.


Driven and dedicated independent music producer/composer creating commercial, forward-thinking pop music that has gathered over three million streams across online streaming services worldwide.


Nakul Pai, better known as Heuse is an electronic artist outside of New Delhi, India.

Joni Payne

Beautiful lush R&B vocalist and songwriter based in LA

Kenzie Nimmo

Boston born, but hails from Los Angeles. YouTube star Kenzie Nimmo writes beautiful soft pop on this track 'Bones.'


LaLion is a rapper/producer based in Seattle, Washington.


HEYITSLUKA is a Georgian-American rapper hailing from Maryland.


Noah Phillips, aka Mosaic, is an electronic music producer from Orange, California.


Dark pulsating electronic vibes with ethereal topline. Based in LA, MVRX got his chops and love of music from the dark clubs across Europe.

Novel Nature

This duo creates massive pop/rock anthems. Undeniable vocal and pulse to the track


An upbeat synth-pop songwriter and visual artist based in LA.


Comprised of Gavin, Sam, and Jeremy. Peachy is one of the newest bands from Nashville, Tennessee.

Rachael Cantu

Based in Los Angeles, Cantu is a pop music and topline writer.

Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Montreal, Quebec.

Small Leaks Sink Ships

The group has a real knack for creating incredible indie gems, w/ left of center pop sensibilities.

Trails and Ways

An indie pop band from Oakland, California.


A queer pop duo comprised of pianist-producer Matt Young and Tokyo-native singer-songwriter Gene Fukui.


German bred, Boston Native, VALNTN takes his knack for big dance music, and pairs this with undeniably catchy hooks from Emilia Ali

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