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SoundtraXX 2 My Life (LIVE)

SoundtraXX 2 My Life (LIVE)

JC held an intimate live event in Venice, California to celebrate the release of his compilation ‘SoundtraXX 2 My Life.’ It was a very special night of music. We are excited to share some of the recordings with you here.

Track List

1. Soundtraxx 2 My Life Intro
2. I Miss You by Phil Good
3. Better by Phil Good
4. I'll Fix It by Phil Good
5. Growing Up by Phil Good
6. Interlude
7. Intro/Mila Kunis/Timex by HEYITSLUKA
8. I'm Not Involved by HEYITSLUKA
9. Papi Chulo/I Love You by HEYITSLUKA
10. Make It Work by HEYITSLUKA
11. 20 Hour Shifts by HEYITSLUKA
12. Interlude 2
13. Indigo by Novel Nature
14. Gunfight by Novel Nature
15. 1937 by Novel Nature
16. Western Movies by Novel Nature
17. Whipser by Novel Nature
18. Interlude 3
19. Interview with JC Caylen
20. Interview with Phil Good
21. Interview with HEYITSLUKA (Explicit)
22. Interview with Novel Nature
23. Soundtraxx 2 My Life

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