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NeptØnes Chapter II

NeptØnes Chapter II

Neptones Chapter II by Jc Caylen will get you going!

“NeptØnes is a collection of my favorite tunes to vibe to. Whether I'm blasting 'em while I go for a night drive or just have them as background music while I'm getting work done at home, I'm always in the mood to groove to the euphoric vibes this compilation gives off. I've always been into electronic music and I think the artists presented in this collection deserve way more attention!"
"So sit back, close your eyes, and let the music send your mind to another planet.”- JC Caylen

Track List

The Weekend (feat. Jai Wolf) – Mocki
On & On – Jordan Lee & Crayon
Crossfire – Stephen
Heartless – Slips and Slurs
Girls Like You (Tarro Remix) – Blackbear
Lone (feat. Joy.) – What So Not & Ganz
Come Back (feat. Alexa) – JPB
Tomorrow (Kicks n Licks Remix) – Echos
Give It All Up (feat. Gia Koka) – SRNO
Speechless (feat. RKCB) – Candyland
Faded (Lido Remix) – ZHU
ILYSB (Stripped) – LANY

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