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Landscapes Volume I

Landscapes Volume I

“Landscapes” is the first compilation in the Lohanthony music series. This mix features twelve of Lohanthony’s favorite emerging pop, electronic and alternative artists from all around the world!

“Landscapes” represents an escape. Having had the opportunity to travel the world has opened his eyes to what this beautiful planet has to offer… landscapes. For him, that’s exactly what he experience when he listens to new music. With this compilation, he hopes to spread awareness of these hidden, but electric tracks and artist that ooze fabulousness. Every track off ‘Landscapes’ is guaranteed to do nothing but take you to places you’ve never been before.

Lohanthony says “Music has always been a deep part of my identity and something my viewers have been asking for more access to. Heard Well is a great way for me to share the music I love with my fans, give more access into my personal tastes and help promote musicians I love.”

Track List

Weight in Gold – Gallant
Put Your Neon – Donora
Every Single Night – Norde
Foolish – Alpine
Locket – Kilo Kish
No Pressure – Little Boots
That’s Alright – Kindness
Hardcut – Boombox Cartel
I Don’t Need Him – Vanjess
Running with the Wolves – Aurora
Get Enough (feat. Alyss) – Chloe Martini
Love is Love – TeamMate

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