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Common Culture I

Common Culture I

“Common Culture” is the second compilation in the Connor Franta Music Series. This mix features twelve of Connor’s favorite emerging pop, electronic and alternative artists from all around the world. Feel the good vibes of Only Girl, let your mind wander with Wildcat! Wildcat! and let your Blood Shutter with Handsome Ghost. So, put your headphones on, turn up the volume and press play!

Connor says, “music is a universal language and form of expression; it's a common culture that we all share. Whether it's pop, country, folk or indie rock, it doesn't matter; as a species we've gathered around music for generations. It's this common culture that I tried to capture in my new collection of songs. These artists offer fresh voices and new perspectives on music. They form a strong connection with me and it's my hope that when listening this compilation, they will do the same for all of you. At the very least, I am willing to bet you will find a new favorite or two to add to your daily playlist. Enjoy!”

Track List

Bassically – Tei Shi
Blood Shutter – Handsome Ghost
Feel It (JMAC Remix) – Only Girl
Hunger – Sam Sure
Mr. Quiche – Wildcat! Wildcat!
Nunca – Trials and Ways
Pray – The Erised
Prime – Allie X
Sensual – TVA
So Good (feat. A.K. Paul) – NAO
Trust – Panama Wedding

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