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Ranz and Niana

Ranz and Niana


Ranz and Niana are a sibling dancing duo based in the Philippines.  Initially starting as a hobby to  share their passion to friends and family, people quickly noticed their work and demanded for more. Ranz and Niana became known for dancing and creating content for Musical.ly Facebook and Youtube.Together they hope to inspire and and entertain younger generations. Their dance videos have created a huge following with over million followers on their Facebook page.

Ranz Kyle 

Showing an interest in dance at an early age of 9, Ranz Kyle began by simply uploading his own dance videos in YouTube. He took charge of shooting, editing, producing, and performing in each video himself. Initially, it was mainly to share his passion to his family and friends. But people started noticing his work and his subscribers grew substantially. People started asking for more, and he realized that his YouTube career was in motion and his dream was slowly but surely becoming a reality. Ranz Kyle, along with his little sister Niana, formed the well known dance act #SiblingGoals and have been creating videos for their growing community. This 19 year old ‘boy next door’ Ranz Kyle is currently one of the most followed local personalities in social media.

Niana Guerrero
Niana Guerrero is a social media entertainer and a proud Filipina. Despiter her young age, Niana is making an impact all over the world, inspiring people by simply going out of her comfort zone, and boldly sharing her passion for music and laughter. With her amazing knack for dancing coupled with acting, and an amazing sense of humor, Niana continues to touch the hearts of many from all nations and across all ages. Niana and her brother Ranz Kyle formed the well known dance act, Ranz and Niana, dubbed as the world’s ultimate #SiblingGoals. The once shy and quiet Niana is now currently one of the most influential preteen in social media.

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