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Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun


Nikita Dragun breathes fire and has been unleashed!

Nikita is a singer, model, actress, and makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Dragun produces entertaining beauty and lifestyle content that helps her connect to fans all over the world. Nikita approaches everything with flair and her unapologetic voice that’s rooted in humor. She has big plans to take over the digital space in 2018 and the world in 2019. I pledge allegiance to thee, Nikita!

Beyond all the glitz and glamor, Nikita is an extremely rooted human who prizes family and friendship above all else. As a visible trans female, Nikita couldn’t be prouder of who she is and what she represents to not only trans youth, but all of her fans. Nikita believes everyone should 100% live their most authentic lives and be happy in whatever skin they feel most comfortable!

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