Clickbait Deluxe Version | Heard Well
Clickbait Deluxe Version

Clickbait Deluxe Version

Clickbait Deluxe Version brings two new tracks to Tanner’s springtime collection of tunes- Clickbait!

Track List

Bring Back the Summer feat. OLY (Not Your Dope Remix) - Rain Man
Blue Skies (Revoke Remix) - Lenka
Help Our Souls - Nihils
Long Way Home feat. Allie Crystal - Gazzo
Rainbows - The Lagoons
Nature - KYKO
Escape - Brandyn Burnette
Someone - ROMES
Can't Get Far feat. Brave - Curt Reynolds
Horizon - KYKO
Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine) - Flora Cash
Where Was You - Blackbear
Weak When You're Around - Blackbear

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