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Mike Murphy and Luke Korns

Mike Murphy and Luke Korns


Mikey Murphy is a multi-hyphenate who originally made a name for himself with his ever popular Challenge and Sketch/Vlog Comedy style videos. He has gained over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and built a dedicated following across all of his social platforms. In 2015, Mikey starred as Beckett on AwesomenessTV’s hit series “Royal Crush.” In addition to that, Mikey was Lionsgate’s 2016 “Dirty Thirty” starring alongside Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. Most recently, Mikey is set to appear in Blumhouse’s Youtube Original series 12 Deadly Datys.

Luke Korns is a stand-out talent in the new generation of YouTube celebrities. Known for his impeccable comedic timing and boy-next-door looks, Luke quickly rose to fame through his hilarious and unique challenge and vlog videos. Luke brings a spirit of humor and fun to his videos, rare among people his age. But Luke is a creator at heart, passionate about creating quality content that delights and surprises his viewers. Nothing short of a true entertainer, Luke continues to create quality videos for his YouTube channel, focusing on the funny, real, and heartfelt moments in his life.

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